Thursday, February 15, 2007

Sony Ericsson w810i and Linux

Despite all problems I had to stop my phone subscription at Orange twisted, my new subscription will be an Orange one biggrin, after all, they are not so bad lol, my choice was a little quickly and I chose a Sony Ericsson w810i wink, I would have to check the compatibility of this telephone with Linux… Indeed I would like to be able to synchronize it with Kontact razz, in particular the calendar, To-do and the list of contacts… If like me you have large fingers: the keyboard of the portable telephone can be for you a nightmare rolleyes

The good point of Sony Ericsson w810i is that it is provided with a USB cable to connect it with your PC, when it is connected, two modes are available:

  1. File transfer
  2. phone mode
The “File transfer” mode allows you to transfer the data from your mobile phone to Linux. But I have not yet succeed to make the contrary… sad The phone mode can be used with Kmobiltools to see contacts, the SMS sent and receives, to telephone and send SMS. But I still did not find the ultimate tool allowing me to synchronize my mobile phone with my KDE rolleyes with the USB link, for that I am testing some software:
  1. Kandy: hmmm… that does not work!
  2. Kmobiletools: works very well but it is not what I am looking for
  3. Wammu/Gammu: the X interface is very ugly but this software seems to works well when it does not freeze
  4. Gnokii: command line tool and requires to create yourself a configuration file. Kontact uses this tool by default, but that does not work very well
  5. GCALSYNC: that deviates a little my wired vision of a local synchronisation, but that will at least enable me to manage correctly my schedule.
For the moment I am reduce to synchronize my telephone under Windows… and synchronise Windows with Linux… this is not the universal panacea evil but I seek and hope well to find a perfect solution